State of the Art

Today, ECAA is equipped with highly qualified experts having the acumen to
analyze modern aviation technological innovations and apply them with maximum
precision that leave no room for error. As a result, ECAA is poised to reiterate that the air navigation service provided pertinent to safety and security in the national aviation is flawless with applauded reputations in the global aviation industry.

On top of that, the authority is making use of High-tech and updated Communications Navigations Surveillance (CNS) instruments. Most recent voice communication instruments such as Aeronautical radios, Voice communication control systems (VCCS), Digital voice recorders are readily available that ensure maximum safety of the national aviation industry. The air navigations beacons and Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) being utilized are up to the global standards of the contemporary aviation technologies; backing the efficacious services rendered by the authority.

Besides, the primary, secondary and ADS-B Surveillance radars that had been in use for many years in the past are now replaced by contemporary radars; called multilateration, advanced surface movement and guidance and control systems (A-SMGCS).

All in all, the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority has been growing by leaps and bound to meet the utmost global safety standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO); thereby striving hard and fast to evolve as one of the few commended Civil Aviation in Africa and a globally competent one in the years ahead.

Equipped with highly skilled professional instructors, ECAA’s training center is now providing various trainings on ATC and CNS courses both to local aviation
experts and neighboring countries based on ICAO’s standards. It has attained
ICAO’s Trainer plus accreditation, a couple of years ago. It has already devised a well-tailored plan of action, which is also vibrantly stipulated in the authority’s strategic plan, to transform itself as regional center of excellence in the aviation industry.

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