Ethiopian Civil Aviation Academy,  Established in early 1930’s with the support of the United States government and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Training Center (ECATC) has laid foundation for the achievements witnessed today in the country’s aviation industry.

Later in 1950 Civil Aviation Technical School was established nearby the old airport area in the capital, Addis Ababa, and was providing trainings on aircraft maintenance, radio maintenance, air traffic control, radio operation, meteorology and airport firefighting. This, in deed, helped the nation alleviate scarcity of skilled manpower, and replace foreign professionals in the sector.

However, these trainings were terminated for about 18 years since 1962 due to socio-political fiasco, instability and lack of trust in the competence level of the school, urging the nation to resort to scholarship programs.

ICAO PLUS FULL MemberIn 1980 the school was re-opened and has been growing by leaps and bounds, providing different aviation and aviation related trainings for both Ethiopians and foreign nationals.

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