Aviation English Language Proficiency Test


Following endorsement procedure by ECAA, ECATC has commenced an Aviation English Language Proficiency Testing service for external customers as of November 07, 2018. The Service is given for aviation professionals like pilots and air traffic controllers whose jobs require entering in to international radio telephony. Accordingly, aviation professionals from all over the world can obtain this service of ECATC per the following procedures and standards:

Courses and Services
Air Traffic Control
Communication, Navigation and Surveillance
Aeronautical Information Service
Instructor Development Program (IDP)
Airport Safety Trainings
Aviation English Language Proficiency Test
Service standard
Service condition
Time (Minutes)
1 Applicant Collects Bio-data form ECATC, fill the form and submit it to raters 15 Providing Complete Information      
2 Raters evaluate application form and propose rating 15        
3 Applicant effect service payment of Birr 8000 (USD 285) to ECAA finance. Alternatively applicants can effect this payment through Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Account NO: 1000006955227 and submit advise and payment order to ECAA finance. Copy of payment receipt should also be submitted to ECATC 25       collects payment order from ECATC
4 Raters conduct the testing and submit report to ECATC Director 120 Per ICAO rating standards birr 8000 (USD 285) Ratee should appear in person and rating will be conducted using audio materials and interview. Presenting payment evidence of birr 8000 (USD 285)
5 Certificate prepared, signed, stamped and given to the ratee. 30     Black & White printed Document