Examinations and Grading System

There exist three distinctly identified evaluation measures for theory session. Namely,quiz,test and examination. Quiz and tests are for courses progress evaluation composed of not less than 5 questions of oral ans/or written(objective and/or subjective).

  • Quizzes shall be given every day or every other day.
  • Tests shall be given every week or at the end of a lesson.
  • Examination shall be given at the end of the course.

A trainee shall fulfill the following conditions to graduate;-

  • A minimimum grade of 70% on each compulsory subjects
  • A minimum grade of 65% on each supplementary subjects
  • A minimum grade of 70% on each practical simulation or labratory work examinations.
  • A minimum grade of 70% on final exams.
  • A minimum final average grade of 70% for the entire course.

A 100% attendance of the OJT program on the work area with a complete coverage of the program per the practical worksheet.

Provisions for Trainees

  • Pocket money and trasportation allowance
  • Complete set of uniform as may be necessary
  • Textbooks and supplementary handout materials applicable to the course.
  • Fair treatment and proper care for its trainees.
  • Transportation service to and from CATC and their living area
  • Refereshment service at break times
  • Medical service at the Authority clinic