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It is a particular honor for me to welcome you all-ECAA website visitors, to take a look at our recently revised website that displays the overall picture of the Authority. Ethiopia is one of the countries which commenced air transport service earlier in the world. In addition to the National carrier, private air operators are currently engaged in aviation consulting, training and flight services. Thus, it’s now time, more than ever, to embark on critical regulation of the growing huge industry through knowledge and skills as well as producing sufficient and quality aviation personnel.

Established in 1944, the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) is bestowed upon the responsibility to administer and handle all airports and aviation matters while signing the convention of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and became founding member of the Organization same year.

Since then ECAA has registered remarkable achievements in scaling up standards of international and local destinations, flight route inspection, air traffic control and safety, ensuring international standards of air navigation equipment and controlling airports service delivery as well as putting in place principles and standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority Regulatory Division has also been showing commendable progress in updating its status approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration (AFA) and ICAO USOAP Audit while implementing Quality Management System (ISO 9001/2015) and capacity building program. The Ethiopian Government sees the aviation sector as integral to securing that future growth of this country, the Eastern Africa region and Africa in general. Our airports, airlines and associate industries facilitate to generate the required financial resource.

Currently ECAA is revamping its training center, ECATA, which has recently earned ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS membership to create more opportunities for youth to train in aviation and related areas.

Dear visitors, we, professionals in the aviation sector are always chasing the perfect, the utmost care, safety and security in air transport service. This communication channel, therefore, helps look into standards, requirement, rules, regulations, principles and related issues as well as latest developments in our aviation sector.

Together, we need to reach as many social media followers as possible with information on how to ensure aviation safety, and I once again would like to welcome you to our website, hoping that you have significant, adequate and contemporary information on ECAA and latest development on the country’s aviation sector.
Thank you for visiting !

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