Powers and Duties

ECAA Powers and Duties:

  • Regulate the legality of manufacturing, possession, operation, sale, import and export of any aircraft.
  • License aviation personnel.
  • Inspect, license and regulate aerodromes.
  • Provide air traffic, navigation, aeronautical communication and information services within and outside the Ethiopian airspace.
  • License and regulate the operators of air service and general aviation services.
  • Revoke or suspend any license or certificate for good cause.
  • Determine the conditions under which passengers, goods and mail may be transported in aircraft.
  • Conduct research with regard to the development of aviation industry in Ethiopia, prepare plans and programmes and formulate policy for the use of navigable airspace and other projects relating to aviation.
  • Prescribe air traffic rules and standards governing the flight of aircraft.
  • Ensure that the provision of air transport service to the public is safe, expeditious and adequate.
  • Register any civil aircraft and any right relating thereto; assign registration marks; issue aircraft registration certificate, issue airworthiness certificates; specify the type of service to which the aircraft is to be used; prescribe conditions as to the maintenance and repair of the aircraft.
  • Issue, when delegated by the concerned authority, radio licenses for aircrafts registered and approved air worthy in Ethiopia.
  • Put into use frequencies assigned to it by the regional or continental bureaus of the International Civil Aviation Organization for civil aviation in accordance with treaties that have assigned separate frequencies for civilaviation and to which Ethiopia is a party and upon submitting prior notification to the authority which supervise the use of frequencies in the country.
  • Identify air routes to be used within Ethiopia and prescribe the conditions for air navigation and admissions to and departure from Ethiopian territory; designate and specify restricted, prohibited and danger areas and air routes and enforce the implementation thereof in cooperation with other government agencies.
  • Collect, in accordance with the rate approved by the Council of Ministers, fees and charges for licenses and services provided.
  • Take measures to minimize, to the extent possible, any disturbance to the public and any adverse effect on the environment from noise, vibration, atmospheric pollution or any other cause attributable to the use of aircraft for the purpose of civil aviation.
  • Implement and enforce the provisions of this Proclamation, regulations and directives issued here under and treaties to which Ethiopia is a party; Own property, enter into contract, sue and be sued in its own name, and may submit disputes to arbitration.
  • Carry out other activities as may be necessary for the fulfillment of its objectives.

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