Aerodrome Safety and Standards Directorate

  • Ensuring that aerodromes in Ethiopia offer a safe operating environment in accordance with the Convention on International Civil Aviation;
  • Reviewing ICAO State letters on the subject of aerodromes, preparing response thereto and taking action thereon;
  • Notifying ICAO of differences between Ethiopian national aerodrome regulations and practices vis-à-vis the SARPs contained in ICAO Annex 14.
  • Carrying out aerodrome licensing/certification in accordance with Part 12 of Ethiopian Civil Aviation regulations;
  • Developing and reviewing national safety standards;
  • Monitoring and ensuring adherence to aerodrome standards and recommended practices through regular safety audits and providing measures for enforcing compliance;
  • Conducting regular reviews of aerodrome regulations and practices, and developing and issuing aerodrome safety directives, notices, circulars and/or publications containing guidance material relating to aerodrome standards and recommended practices to promote the improvement of aerodrome safety;
  • Reviewing aerodrome-related accident and incident investigation reports to determine if there is any violation of safety regulations and requirements by aerodrome operator;
  • Notification of Aeronautical Information regarding the licensed or certified status and particulars of aerodromes through promulgation in the Aeronautical Information Publications;
  • Construct, supervise various air transport facilities such as, towers, localizers, beacon house, VOR/DME shelters;
  • Perform any other related tasks associated with aerodrome operations.
Sectoral Unit