Air Navigation Regulation Directorate

    The Air Navigation Regulation Directorate is responsible for safety oversight of air navigation services and meteorology services provided for air navigation. The safety oversight delegation of authority is indicated on Ethiopian Civil Aviation proclamation NO 616/2008.The directorate includes:

    • ATS and SAR Inspectorate
    • AIS and COM Inspectorate
    • CNS Inspectorate
    • MET Inspectorate
    • PANS-OPS and Cartography Inspectorate

    The duties and responsibilty of the above Inspectorates are:

    • Identify weakness in the Documentation; Operational processes and procedures,
    • Identify performance of human resource in relationship with equipment and procedures,
    • Conduct periodic audit / inspection, surveillance activities,
    • Set requirements for the development of the necessary manuals, plans of operation, maintenance of personnel training records and implementation of training programs for ANS employees,
    • Prepare and update guidance materials, Inspection checklist, Procedure handbook and other documents,
    • Ensure the implementation of systematic management of the risks with in Air Navigation services,
    • Ensure that operational personnel competent to perform their duty,
    • Ensure ANS have implemented effective coordination with concerned units,
    • Providing professional advice and assistance on safety matters,
    • Ensure by prepare and disseminate guidance materials to the Air Navigation Services providers to perform accordingly
Sectoral Unit