Air Operators Certification and Surveillance Directorate

1. Air Operators Certification and Surveillance Directorate is established as a sub-division of the Deputy Director General of Aviation Regulation Directorate, is headed by a Director, exercising direct authority over assigned staff.

2. The Air Operators Certification and Surveillance Directorate duties and responsibilities include:

  • Process, review and record applications for Air Operator Certificate (AOC)
  • Issue and review of Air operator Certificates and associated operations specifications
  • Issue and review certification of general aviation operations
  • Issue and review specific authorizations and limitations (EDTO, PBN, RNP, RVSM, AWOP, MNPS, RNAV and transport of dangerous goods by air)
  • Issue and review of Flight Simulator and other Training Devices Approvals
  • Issue and review Approval of crew member and Dispatcher Training Programs
  • Issue and review Approvals of Check Airmen and Instructors
  • Assist PEL Department in the certification of operations personnel
  • Conduct periodic surveillance of the flight operations related facilities, procedures and activities of holders of AOCs, making appropriate directions and recommendations and approving amendments to the operator’s AOC, procedures, and manuals as appropriate
  • Conduct regular surveillance of foreign operators in accordance with the established program and coordinate as necessary with the State of Operator/Registry for the resolution of safety issues
  • Assist, when requested, in the investigation of aircraft accidents
  • Prepare and distribute to the public, documents and directives related to aircraft operations
  • Confer with other national authorities on matters relating to aircraft operations. and
  • Investigate possible violations of the national air law or Rules and Standards with regards to aircraft operations support of legal or other corrective action.
  • Provision for loan of staff experts to assist in the investigation of aircraft accidents as and when required
  • The directorate has the responsibility to monitor ICAO website for any revisions regarding Annexes and ICAO documents
Tel: +251 11 665 0222
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