Air Traffic Services

  Air traffic service (ATS) is a service which regulates and assists aircraft in real-time to ensure their safe operations. With the exception of certain military aerodromes and unattended aerodromes, Air Traffic Services in Addis Ababa FIR are provided by Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority under the supervision of air traffic service directorate. The Ethiopian air traffic service directorate provides the following four major services:

  • Air traffic control services, which is to prevent collisions in controlled airspace by instructing pilots where to fly.
  • Conduct and maintain orderly flow air traffic.
  • Flight information service, which provides information useful for the safe and efficient conduct of flights.
  • Alerting service, which provides services to all known aircraft when air crafts are in state of emergency and the directorate will notify concerned organizations and assist in search and rescue operations.

  The above services supported by surveillance equipments, PSR, SSR and latest technology ADS-B and surveillance services cover the whole Airspace of Ethiopia. In addition to the above services the directorate will grant over flight and landing permission for civilian flights, coordinate and process permission with concerned bodies for other kinds of flights, administer air traffic services facilities, oversee air traffic services in Ethiopia and lead investigation of Air traffic services occurrences and propose action plan so as to avoid future recurrences and establish a safety management system for air traffic service in Ethiopia.Read more about ATS and Surveillance Service in Ethiopia. To contact Air Trafic Services-for over flight permit and landing authorization use the following address:

Tel: 251 11 665 0271
Mobile: 251-91-1250149
Fax: 251 11 665 0515