Rules and Standards

ECARAS PART 1 – General Policies, Procedures , and Definitionsdownload
ECARAS PART 2 Personnel Licensingdownload
ECARAS PART 3 Approved Training Organizationsdownload
ECARAS PART 4 Aircraft Registration and Marking download
ECARAS PART 5 Airworthiness download
ECARAS PART 6 Approved Maintenance Organizations download
ECARAS PART 7 Instruments and Equipmentdownload
ECARAS PART 8 Operationsdownload
ECARAS PART 9 Air Operator Certification and Administrationdownload
ECARAS PART 10 – Commercial Air Transport by Foreign Air Operatorsdownload
ECARAS PART 11 – Aerial Workdownload
ECARAS Part 12 Aerodrome download
ECARAS PART 13 Aeronautical Information Servicesdownload
ECARAS PART 14 Air Traffic Services Rules and Standardsdownload
ECARAS PART 15 Search and Rescue Rules and Standards download
ECARAS PART 16 Communication,Navigation and Survaillance Maintenance download
ECARAS PART 17 Aeronautical Telecommunicationsdownload
ECARAS PART 19 Aeronautical Meterology Servicesdownload
ECARAS PART 20 Units of Measurement to be used in Air and Ground Operationsdownload
ECARAS PART 21 Aeronautical Chartdownload
ECARAS PART 22 – Remotely Piloted Aircraft System(RPAS)download
ECARAS PART 26 – Aircraft Noise and Engine Emission Validation/Certification download
ECARAS PART 27 – Airworthiness of Manned Baloons download
ECAA Aerodrome Manual Of Implementing Standards download
AIB Proclamation download
AIB Rules and Standards download
Coordination Procedures between Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Engineering (CNS) and Air Traffic Service (ATS)download
ECAA – Standards of Services_2022download