Support Service

Support Service Directorate

The Directorate is responsible for all Human Resources, Financial, Legal, Information communication Technology, Public Relations and Transport and maintenance functions while projecting the image of the Authority and articulating policies and systems for effective and efficient support service delivery in the organization.

The support Service Directorate has 6 specialized service units, namely:

1. Human Resource Department

Personnel Administration Unit

  • Recruitment, selection and orientation of staff
  • Placement and induction
  • Manpower planning
  • Personnel records Management
  • Staff promotion and transfer
  • Staff discipline
  • Administration of staff benefits and pensions

Aviation Training Center

  • Formulate training policies, standards and procedures of the Center/Authority
  • Conduct Training need assessment and develop human resource development plans
  • Coordinate and monitor all training and manpower development programs of the Authority
  • Develop training modules and training records and reports
  • Organize International and local training, workshop and seminars for staff in their field of specialization
  • Prepare and request budget for training costs

2. Finance, Procurement and Property Administration Department.

Finance and Accounts Unit

  • Prepare annual accounts and reports
  • Carry-out disbursement activities
  • Process salary and other employee benefits
  • Collect revenue from customers
  • Maintain cash management system
  • Control budget and expenditure
  • Management of insurance policy

Procurement and Property Administration Unit

  • Prepare annual procurement plan
  • Prepare bid documents and carry out local and foreign purchases
  • Receive and issue goods
  • Maintain internal control system over the assets of the organization
  • Fixed asset management
  • Keep accurate and reliable records of assets of the Authority.

3. Legal Services Department.

  • Drafts legislations/bills
  • Carry out litigations
  • Advise management on all legal matters

4. Information Technology (IT) Department

  • Responsible for all information technology and communications systems
  • Develop and administer IT infrastructure,network, Databases, and Website
  • Design systems and applications

5. Transport and maintenance of Vehicles

  • Responsible for fleet management
  • Maintain and repair vehicles
  • Facilitates transportation

6. Public Relations and communications

  • Disseminate information to the public
  • Conduct press conference
  • Publish journals, news letters and brochure
  • Media monitoring.