Aerodrome Certification

Pre-conditions to be fulfilled by operators to request Aerodrome Certificate.

An application for a certificate shall be submitted in a form prescribed by the Authority(Download the form here) and shall be accompanied by:

  • Two copies of the Aerodrome Manual
  • Two copies of the Aerodrome emergency plan
  • Two copies of the Disable Aircraft Recovery Manual
  • A plan for the aerodrome
  • An environmental impact assessment report
  • Aproval from any relevant authority
  • Proof of financial capability
  • Particulars of any non-compliance or deviations from the appropriate aerodrome design, operation or equipment standards
  • Particular of the airspace classification requirements
  • Charges as prescribed by the Authority in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) or Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC).

Responsibilities of Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority

The Authority shall issue a certificate in the prescribed form and manner where the Authority is satisfied with:

  • The applicant has the necessary competency and experience to operate and maintain an aerodrome;
  • The personnel of the applicant are adequate in number and have the necessary competency and experience to operate and maintain an aerodrome;
  • The prepared manuals for the aerodrome and submitted with the application contains all the relevant information;
  • The aerodrome facilities, services and equipment are established in accordance with approved standards and recommended practices;
  • The aerodrome operating procedures make satisfactory provision for the safety of aircraft;
  • An approved safety management system is in place;
  • The applicant has an approved aviation security programme in accordance with the Civil Aviation Regulations and The National Civil Aviation Security Program requirements.

After passing the above specified steps the status of the aerodrome as a certified aerodrome, its certificate number and associated conditions and the relevant information shall be published in the appropriate sections of the AIP of the aerodrome.