Major Responsibilities of Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority(ECAA):

  1. Regulatory Responsibilities
  2. Service Delivery Responsibilities
1. Regulatory Responsibilities:
  • Includes but limited to:
    1. Technical regulation
      • To ensure the provision of highest degree of safety, secure and adequate air transport service to the public.
      • To register all civil air craft’s and; issue registration marks; inspect and issue airworthiness certificates, specify the type of service for which air craft may be used; prescribe conditions and to the maintenance and repair of air craft.
      • To audit, inspect, license, and regulate all aerodromes and air navigation facilities and services.
    2. Economic and Air Transport Regulation
      • To promote and maintain an efficient air transport and general aviation in the country.
      • To license and regulate air transport and general aviation services
      • To determine conditions under which passengers, goods and mail maybe transported in air craft.
      • Signing bilateral-air transport agreements in behalf of (representing) the Ethiopian government.
2. Service Delivery Responsibilities:
  • To identify air routes to be used with in Ethiopia and prescribe the conditions of their use.
  • To determine conditions for air navigation and admission to and departure from Ethiopian territory.
  • To provide communications, navigation, surveillance and organized air traffic management.
  • To provide flight information and refreshments service to the pilot
  • Providing secured, efficient and economic air transport service to customers.

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