Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) Engineering Services

  • Communication, Navigation and Surveillance engineering directorate is one of the major core areas responsible for the process of getting an aircraft safely and efficiently from its origin to destination through the aid of reliable CNS services. The Directorate is responsible to:
  • Provide voice communication services through out the air space of Ethiopia using Extended VHF radios which are linked by VSAT satellite communication system and UHF link. In addition to this, there are HF radios that are used to communicate among all local and neighboring countries airport.
  • Give reliable and efficient flight data processing service for different clients using an extended Air traffic service Message Handling System (AMHS). The system is well equipped with additional extended ATN router for Ground to Air data communication.
  • Give Navigation service by ensuring the reliability, integrity and availability of Navigation aid systems(DVOR/DME,CVOR/DME,NDB) which are used for en-route, approach and terminal purpose and ILS(GP and LLZ) for landing purpose at airports and in the Ethiopian air space as per ICAO requirement.
  • Provide flight inspection and calibration services for ECAA navigational equipment (VOR/DME, DVOR/DME, ILS and NDB) and Ethiopians Airport Enterprise facilities (PAPI and approach lights).
  • Provide Surveillance service using the latest technologies of Radar (PSR/SSR) and ADS-B that gives Full and up-to-date information of aircrafts flying with in the Flight Information Region (FIR) of the country.
  • In addition, flight inspection and calibration services are provided for airports of other countries, upon request, using the latest fully Automatic Flight Inspection System (AFIS).

Contact address:
Tel.:251 11 6650265
FAx.:251 11 6650281
P.O.BOX: 978
Addis Ababa,Ethiopia