The Flight Radio Telephony Operator’s License (FRTOL) authorizes you to operate an Aircraft Radio Station in a Ethiopia registered aircraft. The license is held in conjunction with other Flight Crew licenses

General eligibility requirements.

An applicant for a flight radio telephony operator license shall;

  1. Be at least seventeen (17) years of age;
  2. Have the ability to read, speak, write and understand the English language.
  3. Have undergone the relevant training and passed the written knowledge test for a radio telephony operator license the results of which are valid for twenty four months (2 years) after passing the examination.
  4. Demonstrate a level of knowledge appropriate to the privileges granted to a holder of a flight radiotelephone operator license in an oral examination done by the KCAA examiners.

A holder of a flight radio telephony operator license shall have the privilege to use the radio telephone on board an aircraft.

Application requirements

Upon receipt of the application, the Inspector shall confirm that the applicant has the following documents;

  1. A properly completed prescribed application form.
  2. A knowledge and Practical test results slip;
  3. Two (2) recent passport size photographs (full face) 2cm by 2.5cm;
  4. A photo Identification Card or Passport; and
  5. The prescribed fees Kshs. 1,200

Renewal of the Flight Radio Telephony Operator’s License

The applicant shall check the documents presented and confirm that the applicant has:

  1. Completed the prescribed application form
  2. The prescribed fees Kshs. 700

A holder of a flight radio telephony operator license may apply for a renewal of the license if the holder has exercised the privileges of the license in the six months preceding the date of application and the other Flight Crew License is valid.


This license is valid for two (2) years from the date of application.

Who needs the Flight Radio Telephony License?

  1. Private Pilots’ License (PPL)
  2. Commercial Pilots’ License (CPL)
  3. Airline Transport Pilots’ license (ATPL)
  4. Flight Dispatchers’ License
  5. Flight Engineers’ License